About Bethel Baptist Church

The Bethel Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church located in Union City of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our church is easily accessible from anywhere in the greater Bay Area.

When you step into the doors of Bethel, you will be greeted with a hug, kiss, hand-shake and a warm smile. We love to fellowship and praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has been our strength through many hard trials and tribulations. Our Pastor and Leader, Rev. George M. Gaskins Jr., is an inspiration for us all and he serves the Lord in Spirit and Truth. Pastor Gaskins is a devoted husband, father, friend, brother, counselor and mentor for us and the evidence of his fellowship with God is in his works.

Our auxillaries includes the Brothers/Women of Bethel, Voices of Bethel (choir), Usher Board, Youth Group, Praise Team and Praise Dancers. From bench warming to leading the service in prayer and song - there is certainly a place for you.

We invite you to our humble church to become part of our Christian family or to visit with us when you are in town.

God Be With You Always.

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    Sunday Afternoon Bible Study
  • Wednesday Bible Study
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